Dissecting The Infinite: Enlightenment and Superpowers


In a world of many religions many people are spiritual.

But out of those who are spiritual very few know about transpersonal development.

But out those who know, few of them pursue transpersonal development diligently.

Out of the few who do, less of them achieve higher states and stages of development.

Those who achieve them often become satisfied and grow no further than the first four stages.

Out of the very few who discover that there are more than these four stages,

few of them go beyond these initial stages and even less of them complete the path.

Out of the very few who complete the path even less of them fully embody and psychologically and socially integrate their transpersonal development and thus there is indeed very few who can be called transpersonally mature.

In the Dissecting The Infinite series we will extensively study transpersonal development from the beginning to the end. Transpersonal Development involves psychological development specifically the cultivation and embodiment of higher states and stages of consciousness. In addition to noumenous phenomena like stages of spiritual development and the classes of phenomena but since this is Giggles at The End of Time we will do it in the form of commentaries to the book, and articles, and course from Dissecting The Infinite: An Introduction to Transpersonal Development.

In the transcript at Giggle at The End of Time Podcast on WordPress you can read the original sections from the book.

At Giggles at The End Time (www.ntombemnyama.wordpress.com) you can similar outsider science and outsider art content derived from Dissecting The Infinite.

You can also go to No-Fi Productions on and Spotify Bandcamp for some sweet transpersonal outsider music.

For my outsider poetry and sigil art book go to ShopAtTheEndOfTimeZA on Etsy or at The Shop at Giggles at The End of Time.

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Published by Ndabenhle S. Mthembu

Independent Scholar of Transpersonal Studies. Outsider Artist and Musician. Activist. Current themes: Omnism, Complexity, & Simplicity.

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