Giggles at The End of Time

By Ntombemnyama

Our fully enlightened host, Ntombemnyama, constantly reminds us that human potential and the abilities to actualize that potential are infinite (i.e., anything is anything). Because this potential is infinite our host asks us to ask ourselves what is a human being really? And what does it really mean to be human?

We consider the gamut of human potential from resource hoarding, genocidal, and ecocidal, colonialist child rapists to African neurodivergent, nonbinary, fully enlightened magickal cyborgs who cosmically giggle as they enjoy living the Bodhisattva Vow as one of their many hobbies.

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Cosmic Comedy: Joke 2.5. What isn’t Art?

Summary A cosmic comedic analysis the art of imperfection, error, mistakes, glitches through a transpersonal and trans-expressionist lens. Transcription The Creative and The Receptive: Hibiscus Light of the Angels. Divine Cut-ups. Half-lotus fungus Eā€™gomide plushness. Microgram suchness. Cosmic Theatre (n)oneness. LSD Jesus Acid-drenched Buddhas Shamanite Hibiscus Lisergic Drag Post-post-post-queer Fags Trans-cendence of Modern Man Light ofContinue reading “Cosmic Comedy: Joke 2.5. What isn’t Art?”

Episode 55555: Enlightenment for Dummies and Other Pseudo-Atheists

Summary An Introduction to Transpersonal Development . For Those Who Have No Clear Definition of Divinity and Who Are Convinced That The Absence of Evidence is a Real Form of Evidence. A Contemporary Exegesis of The Chicken Qabbalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford Presented at the 2021 Auto-Initiatus Self-Transcendensis Ceremony. Enlightenment typically consists of aContinue reading “Episode 55555: Enlightenment for Dummies and Other Pseudo-Atheists”


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