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Giggles at The End of Time

By Ntombemnyama

Our fully enlightened host, Ntombemnyama, constantly reminds us that human potential and the abilities to actualize that potential are infinite (i.e., anything is anything). Because this potential is infinite our host asks us to ask ourselves what is a human being really? And what does it really mean to be human?

We consider the gamut of human potential from resource hoarding, genocidal, and ecocidal, colonialist child rapists to African neurodivergent, nonbinary, fully enlightened magickal cyborgs who cosmically giggle as they enjoy living the Bodhisattva Vow as one of their many hobbies.

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Finale: Xaelic

Summary The Eschaton and the Mysterium are identical. Across the ocean of signifiers are the signified. The line between artifice and artifacts is the line between signifier and signified. Artifice is a representation , either connotative or denotative. While an artifact is presentation. The presencing of the thing-in-itself which are thee signified. Eschatonic Art, simply…

The Grounded Episode: Trans Porn, Incest, Pedophilia, and Sacred Sexuality

Summary I integrate my journey with childhood sexual trauma the curiosity in incest and pedophilia it initiated and how it has affected my adult sex life as I travelled from cisnormativity to queernormativity and beyond to incredulity as I made transgender pornography to explore my sexuality and trauma. As always, we review this from a…


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